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About Us

simpliTek was founded in Irvine, CA in 2002 to provide an alternative to traditional computer support options for small businesses and home offices.

TomTeachingTom Mills

After a 25 year career in engineering, construction and computing, Tom Mills founded simpliTek in 2002, starting in Orange County, CA, in order to provide a valuable service to small business persons. From his own home office, Tom began working with small businesses who were having computer problems, and looking for ways to help them. Tom has more than 20 years of computer experience and can generally troubleshoot just about everything he sees, and he has a good sense of what is practical and workable, and what is fun and forward-looking but not ready for prime time.

Tom pulls no punches about stating what kind of systems he believes in and promotes, and what he doesn't. He names the companies and technologies that work and those that don't. He knows who can be counted on to support their product and who can't. He knows the companies who test their products before they ship and the ones that want you to test them in the field. If he's had a hard time getting something to work, or keeping it working, then you can bet he won't be bringing it over to your office.

Tom's not shy about walking away from things, either. If you need specialized help that is outside of his expertise, Tom won't try to snow his way into your business, but rather will help you find someone else who knows what you need. Tom has a satisfaction guaranteed policy on everything he does, and if after deployment you don't like it, or it just doesn't work, Tom keeps working on it until it's right or until you both decide it's time to throw in the towel and return to what you had before.


Why simpliTek?


Knowledge & Experience
  a. Show up on time to appointments
  b. Appropriate dress / demeanor
  c. Respect for your time & property

Get the job done – with no wasted time
  a. Keep with industry information
  b. Learn on my own dime, not yours

Only do work you authorize

Complete documentation of each call

Guaranteed satisfaction

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