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Make Your Computer Work For You!

End the frustrations, the headaches... the loss of profit and productivity caused by computer problems with one call to simpliTek. We can help! When it comes to computers and networks, we can handle it. We’ll have things optimized and working well in no time.
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We Answer Frequently Asked Questions

TomClientFullWhere do these pesky viruses come from?
Most viruses and spyware get on your computer these days when you click on innocent looking but infected search engine results. You search for something you are interested in, and you scan down the page to a likely-looking hit, and when you click on it, BAM, you are infected. Of course no one can avoid using search engines, so this is a problem that so far has defied a solution, especially since anti-virus software seems really ineffective against these threats.

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A Word From Our Customers

“Tom has come to my rescue many times. Tom is professional, honest, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Any complications, I just call Tom. And I love all the tips for running my business more efficiently.” -Susan Gaffney, Re/MAX Premier

There is no way for me to keep up with the technology needs of my small business, that would be a full time job. I choose to do what I do and call Tom Mills for all my technology needs and I have not been disappointed.” - Brian Griffith, Griffith Capital

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What We Do

At simpliTek we cater to small businesses and home offices. If you have 10 computers or less, we are your IT partner of choice.
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News & Noteworthy

Tablet PCs have become an entirely new category of personal computers, useful for many tasks formerly done on a laptop.They are great for checking your email, looking up websites, watching movies and other passive activities. They are not so great for content creation, word processing, etc. because of the limitations of the on-screen keyboard and fingertip mouse. You can use an external keyboard but that's more stuff to haul around. Apple's iPad is by far the leader in this category, and it seems that all of the Android tablets are "me, too" offerings. Microsoft is coming out with a Windows 8 tablet that may change the playing field somewhat. But iPads will always be the safe choice.

Our Promise

We speak English not "geek-speak." We're fast, efficient and we're in touch with home and business networks.

We keep you effective. We provide no nonsense solutions to help you get the most from your equipment.

Whether you need help designing a system to aid your business or home office, or you need to integrate peripheral devices such as digital cameras or PDAs to work with your system we can help. We’ll even serve as your personal tech coach to guide you in getting the most from your equipment.