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Frequently Asked Questions - Security

I get asked a lot more questions than these, so if you need advice on what to buy (or what not to buy!), which technologies work and which are not ready for prime time, I am here. Give me a call! Telephone advice is always free at simpliTek.


What is spyware?
Spyware, or adware or malware, is a generic name for any program that ends up on your computer, usually without your knowledge or implicit consent, which serves no purpose to you. Most spyware has the following characteristics: 1) it is loaded without your knowledge, or only as a result of you “consenting” to load something totally different 2) it runs all the time, observing in particular the websites that you visit, and then selling that information to companies so that they can bomb you with pop-up ads, spam, etc. 3) it is usually very difficult if not impossible to remove.


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How can I avoid getting spyware?
It’s usually simple: don’t download ANYTHING from the Internet unless you totally trust the source and you really need the download. If someone sends you an email suggesting you visit a website to see a video, download a screensaver, game or video, or view a greeting card, simply delete the message and forget it. Avoid peer to peer sharing sites like Kazaa, LimeWire, Morpheus, etc. Don’t download any music unless you have purchased it. And above all, don’t click “I Accept” to ANY user license agreement for any piece of software or Internet download unless you know exactly what you are getting and you need the software. Unfortunately, the most common transmission point of modern viruses is clicking on infected links in search engines like Google, and since everyone uses Internet search, it is particularly hard to avoid these infections.


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How can I get rid of the spyware on my computer?
There are free tools available that can be effective, such as MalwareBytes AntiMalware, Spybot-Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware Personal Edition. There are some very good purchasable products such as Spyware Doctor, Spy Sweeper, CounterSpy, etc. Some particularly troublesome spyware will defy removal by any of these tools and will require expert intervention to remove. SimpliTek has a lot of experience removing spyware and can usually get rid of whatever you have. However, as malware has gotten more sophisticated and destructive, it is starting to be the case that getting rid of it is too time-consuming and expensive to justify. In these cases the only remedy is either to reinstall Windows from scratch, or purchase a new computer.


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