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Useful Links


We have a lot of experience with Dell Computers and use them exclusively in our business. When someone asks us to recommend a computer, the answer is quick and simple.



Work on your office PC from home. Travel anywhere using your PC remotely. Increase your work flexibility and productivity. Access your files, programs, emails and network.


An excellent site for finding out how secure your computer is from hacks and attacks



We are extremely active on  ebay, the world's premier online auction site, purchasing components for our customers and reselling surplus. So far we have a perfect feedback rating. Click to see our ebay homepage.



An amazing site where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about how a computer works. The fact that this site even exists is a web miracle.



Another amazing site on networking and many other aspects of computing. Significant because it seems to be more about providing information than about selling something - a rare and very pleasant combination.



This is a great site for finding out all about DSL and Cable Internet service. Read the user-to-user reviews and find out what you are getting yourself into if you go with a certain provider.



Biblical Discipleship Ministries and its founders Dr. Jobe and Jenna Dee Martin, have been very impactful to my Christian faith. This is a great site for learning more about Jesus Christ. That's a lot more important than computers.