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Computer Support

SimpliTek is a unique computer consulting company specializing improving computer productivity and return on investment for home offices and small businesses. We provide the following technology services: Call us Today! 949-559-4713


We’ll analyze your needs and help you choose cost-effective hardware. We can help with repair versus replace decisions. And we can procure hardware for you or provide specifications for your purchase. We handle both Windows PCs and Apple Macs.


We’ll help you select the right software to fit your requirements and your learning curve. We can help you get the most out of your current software or recommend new or additional software that will meet your needs.


We can design and build a network to share an Internet connection, share printers and share files on the local network. We are experts on all types of networks– wired, wireless, phenolic, power line, - we help you choose based on cost, reliability and security.

PDAs and Smartphones

We have experience with all types of personal digital assistants including Windows, Android, Blackberry, Palm and iPhone, and we can suggest many ways that PDAs can streamline your processes and help you to communicate with your system efficiently when you are away from your computer.

Digital Cameras

We have been using digital cameras for years, and we can show you ways to incorporate digital imaging into your workflow. We can show you how to take the pictures, bring them into your computer, edit them in all kinds of valuable and interesting ways, and use them to spruce up your documents and web site. We also know a lot about scanning, and we can show you how to make the most of that box of photo prints that you wish you could do something with.

Cell Phones

Cell phones have become more complex, and many include PDA functionality. We will set up your cell phone to synchronize with your system, access your email, and more.


We analyze and optimize your workflow to help you achieve maximum productivity. We help you integrate packages, import data and customize the system for your benefit, and all without custom programming.


Our Services


Productive Technology

“Whether at home or in the office, we all want to be productive. You can easily master technology when it’s explained in everyday language rather than an endless string of jargon”.