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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot more questions than these, so if you need advice on what to buy (or what not to buy!), which technologies work and which are not ready for prime time, I am here. Give me a call! Telephone advice is always free at simpliTek.

We have categorized our questions. Select the button above for the category you are interested in. Not sure? See all questions in the FAQs below. From these questions click right to the answer.


  1. What is Linux?
  2. Should I consider Linux instead of Windows?
  3. My computer is running very slowly. What could be causing that?
  4. What if we clean up all the unnecessary programs and the computer is still running slowly? Then what?
  5. What is a dual-core processor?
  6. Can’t I get better performance from my computer by deleting old files and cleaning up things?
  7. I loaded the software that came with my digital camera and it is really complicated! Isn’t there a simpler way to get my pictures off my camera?
  8. What is Windows Vista?
  9. What is the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express?
  10. I have heard that I can use a Palm Pilot to store my addresses and calendar. What do I need to do that?
  11. I carry a cell phone already – now I have to carry a PDA also?
  12. How do you keep up with all of this technology?
  13. What is the difference between a CD and a DVD?
  14. If I get a computer than has two CD drives and one of them is a CD burner, can I make copies of my audio CDs?
  15. If I get a computer than has two DVD drives and one of them is a DVD burner, can I make copies of my DVD movies?
  16. What is a flash drive?
  17. I have a really old HP laser printer which only has a parallel connection. My new computer doesn’t have a parallel port at all. I don’t want to junk the printer – what do I do?
  18. My printer has both parallel and USB ports, and so does my computer. Which should I use?
  19. My computer has both USB and Firewire ports. Which is better?
  20. My monitor has both digital and analog ports on it, and so does my computer. Which should I use?
  21. My mouse has a ball and I’ve seen these mice that have a red light coming out of them. What’s the difference?
  22. I wish I could get out from under all this PAPER!! Isn’t there some way I can scan these documents into the computer?
  23. What do you think of Windows Vista?

Buying Guide

  1. What kind of laptops (brands) do you recommend?
  2. What kind of desktop computers (brands) do you recommend?
  3. Why is so important to buy name brand computers? Aren’t clones just as good?
  4. My child is going away to college. What kind of computer should I buy them?
  5. What kind of processor should I look for in a new computer?
  6. The new flat panel monitors are really attractive. Do they offer any real advantages over the old tube monitors?
  7. What is difference between a flat screen monitor and a flat panel monitor?
  8. How do I decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop computer?
  9. Should I buy a cordless mouse and keyboard?
  10. What should I look for in a digital camera?
  11. What kind of computer will be required to run Vista?
  12. CD drives, burners, DVDs – it’s all alphabet soup. What kind of CD drive do I need?
  13. What is the difference between a CD-R disk and a CD-RW disk, and which should I use?
  14. I need to buy a new printer. What should I look for?
  15. Should I buy a PC or a Mac?
  16. What brands of computers do you recommend?
  17. Should I buy a desktop or a laptop?


  1. Should I set up a wireless network?
  2. I am worried about whether my wireless network is secure or not. How can I tell?
  3. I can send mail from my laptop when I am at home but when I am other places I get error messages when I try to send. What’s up with that?
  4. I have a printer that has a network jack in it. But when I plug it into the network, I can’t find it when I try to install a network printer. What gives?
  5. My printer has both a USB port and a network port. Since I will put it right next to a computer, I could plug it in with USB. Which is better, USB or network?
  6. I am moving to a new office. Wouldn’t it be easier/less expensive to use a wireless network instead of wiring it?


  1. What is spyware?
  2. How can I avoid getting spyware?
  3. How can I get rid of the spyware on my computer?