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Tek Tips

As a computer consulting company, we specialize in improving computer productivity and return on investment for home offices and small businesses. In order to do this, we are constantly learning new technologies. We like to educate you on important computer information -- in byte sized bits -- in plan English (no “geek speak”). We write articles, procedures, and of course our newsletter - the simpliTek Technology Minute. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Technology Minute

The Technology Minute is an email newsletter, published periodically. The objective is to provide a quick read on technology trend, and learn about things you can do with your computer hardware and software to be more productive. If you like the simpliTek Technology Minute please email us and we will add you to the distribution list.


Need to know how to setup your email? What to do when your Spyware software sends you a message? Is your broadband connection making you pull your hair out? Then our procedures are for you.


Sometimes topics just require more depth to cover them properly. Check out some of our articles:

  • Why Network?
  • Backup Strategies
  • Keys To Increase Your Computer’s Reliability
  • Upgrading Your Operating System
  • Making A Copy Of All Your Files
  • File Sharing in a Peer-To-Peer Network



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